Environmental and Planning Law Association of Northern Ireland

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Join Us

The Environmental and Planning Law Association for Northern Ireland is a non–profit making organisation, the main object of which is to promote the understanding of environmental and planning law and policy in Northern Ireland.

Particular focus is given to advancing the education of its members in all matters relating to the development, teaching, application and practice of environmental and planning law matters.

The Association was established in the late 1990s and has seen continued growth of membership and profile since conception. Our membership is open to all and currently includes lawyers, planning consultants, environmental consultants, architects and concerned bodies/individuals. As a charity EPLANI membership is eligible for gift aid status and the appropriate form is below.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the membership form and return it with appropriate renumeration to:

EPLANI c/o Tughans Solicitors
30 Victoria Street

Currently, annual fees are £25 for individuals and £100 for corporate membership which can include as many members as necessary. 

We are no longer offering direct debit due to low uptake. You can however set up a standing order or direct bank transfer if this method is preferred over payment by cheque.  Please email info@eplani.org for bank details to enable a transfer facility to be set up.

We are delighted to continue to offer free membership for students.


    Membership form
    For new members and renewal for existing members


    Gift Aid Form
    If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your subscription can be increased by 28% under the Gift Aid Scheme at no extra cost to you.



    Direct Debit
    Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer a facility for new direct debit instructions due to a low take up. However standing orders are accepted should this be a preference over payment of subscriptions by cheque.